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Dazzle Detail

Anytime we enter a new place, we start to look around and size up the job before us, figuring out how we can best Dazzle from start to finish. From there, we go through a four-step process.

Dazzle Detection

This is where we notice all the little details that other cleaning companies tend to overlook. It is in these details that Dazzling is made possible.

Dazzle Duty

We get to cleaning. Dazzle here, Dazzle there, putting everything into place and making your home renewed and refreshed.

Dapper Up

Even after we think we have covered everything, Dazzling to a tee, we wrap things up with a sweet fragrance. This is what we call Dappering, and it is another thing that separates us from the competition.

Have a Dappy Day!

Southern hospitality is a core value of ours. You can be sure that when you get a Dazzler, you are getting a friend too. We offer service with a smile!

Our Values

Rather than just going from home to home and cleaning, we believe in doing our work on a solid foundation of five values. These values define who we are as a company and give us a sense of identity that leads to noticeably higher-quality results.


Every life is different, and sometimes stress gets ahead of people. When that happens, homes can fall into disarray. We get it, and we never judge! Our job is to Dazzle, to set things right so that you can live happily and peacefully going forward.


Cleaning is far from an exact science. There is an art to it, which is where creativity comes into play. Whatever we can do to give our work that extra Dazzle, we will do it. We are always coming up with fresh ideas to clean better.


True Louisiana natives, we hold the value of Southern hospitality near and dear to our hearts. You can be sure that you are working with a friend when you invite one of our Dazzlers into your home. We offer service with a smile to all our clients!


Education is a never-ending process; we believe that wholeheartedly. Our job is to continue learning and to remind ourselves that there is still plenty more for us to see, to hear, and to understand.


We live here, we call this place home, and we know that you do too. We enjoy getting to know the people in the community, and we want you to get to know us. Louisiana is the place we love, and we treat it that way!

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